Atlas, or the Anxious Gay Science von Georges Didi-Huberman und Shane Lillis | 28. Dezember 2018

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university of chicago press, hardcover

List of Figures

I. Disparates: “Reading What Was Never Written”

The Inexhaustible, or Knowledge through Imagination
Heritage of Our Time: The Mnemosyne Atlas
Visceral, Sidereal, or How to Read the Liver of a Sheep
Madness and Truths of the Incommensurable
Tables for Collecting the Parceling-Out of the World
Heterotopias, or the Cartographies of Defamiliarization
Leopard, Starry Sky, Smallpox, Spatter

II. Atlas: “Carrying the Whole World of Sufferings”

A Titan Bent under the Burden of the World
Gods in Exile and Knowledge in Suffering
Survivals of Tragedy, Aurora of the Anxious Gay Science
“El sueño de la razón produce monstruos”
An Anthropology from the Point of View of the Image
Samples of Chaos, or the Poetics of Phenomena
Points of Origin and Links of Affinity
Atlas and the Wandering Jew, or the Age of Poverty

III. Disasters: “The Dislocation of the World: That Is the Subject of Art”

Tragedy of Culture and Modern “Psychomachias”
Explosions of Positivism, or the “Crisis of European Sciences”
Warburg Facing the War: Notizkästen 115–18
The Seismograph Explodes
Panoramic Tables to Return from the Disaster
The Atlas of Images and the Surveying Gaze (Übersicht)
The Inexhaustible, or Knowledge through Re-montage